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Whois Privacy

Add Privacy Protection to your Domain

Privacy Protection hides your personal information from public view. Without privacy protection, your physical address, phone number, email address, and other personal information are accessible to anyone on the internet.

  • Shield your personal information online
  • Skip the scams, spam and junk mail
  • Protect against annoying telemarketers

Why Privacy Protection?

When buying a domain name you have to provide accurate contact information or else your domain registration could be terminated as it would be in violation of the registration agreement.

This information has to be made publicly available to everyone via the public WHOIS database as required by ICANN, the international governing body for domain names. Everyday, this valuable source of accurate contact information is targeted and harvested by spammers and telemarketers resulting in unwanted and unsolicited contact. Also since your contact information is public, you are at risk for identity theft and fraud and of being contacted by harassers and stalkers.

Privacy Protection ensures that your private information is not published by replacing all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information.

Whois Privacy Protection

How does it work?

When you enable Privacy Protection on a domain name, we replace all your publicly visible contact details with alternate contact information so that when a WHOIS query is performed on the domain, an alternate mailing address, email address and phone number are displayed. YOU RETAIN FULL OWNERSHIP OF THE DOMAIN AND HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OF IT.

When you activate the "Protection ID" option, we will replace all public data such as address, email, telephone number, etc. etc. With alternative data of a real contact offered by the company PrivacyProtect.org. All mails sent to this contact (contact(@)privacyprotect.org) will be rejected. For more information, visit http://www.privacyprotect.org

You will remain the owner with full right over your domain name and have full control over the same

Anyone who tries to contact you through the data obtained from the public databases, will be redirected to an accessible form online to establish the contact with you. All emails sent to the alternate email address that is presented in the WHOIS query will be automatically rejected.

The service "ID Protection" can be at any time, activate and deactivate from its control panel.

How much is it?

ABACO Hosting currently offers ID Protect for $5/year and can be purchase during or after registration/transfer of your domain name. ID Protection is a non refundable service.

How do I purchase ID Protect?

In order to purchase ID Protection, either select the service during your signup or contact our sales department or use live chat. Our team will add this service onto your domain name.

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